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Needed each year to have an impact in the preservation of Independent and Self-sustaining Journalism

The AL DIA Education Foundation was established in 2010 by the staff of AL DIA News that saw an opportunity to offer the company’s unique journalistic and business expertise to help colleges and universities attract, retain and further train new students from the Latino and other under-represented communities in our unique multimedia, multicultural, multilingual and entrepreneurial journalism practice. Through the Foundation, we are now taking this effort to the next level, creating a unique ecosystem to continually help Latinos and young professionals of all backgrounds start careers in journalism, new media and media business management. We now want to multiply the model in partnership with educational institutions truly interested in working towards this common purpose of diversifying the voices in the media by empowering this new generation of diverse graduates, and include the American Latino Experience as part of U.S. Journalism in the 21st Century.

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Felix Varela Program