Why we exist

The absence of Latino voices in American news media today is disturbing, if not outright frightening. These needed voices are extremely scarce and often, completely non-existent. As the nation continues to see the growth of Latinos, its largest ethnic community, this endemic disparity has reached crisis proportions. This vast inequality must be addressed now as a key priority of an urgent and common call towards a more equitable evolution of the American News media in the new century.

Our mission

To empower Latinos to tell their own story and tackle the inequity of Latino voices by giving disadvantaged young people the education and training opportunities they need to be not only the witness but also the storytellers of the history Latino are making in America.

Our goal

Our goal

To give College and University Graduates

To give disadvantaged High School, College Students and University Graduates the support and the tools to increase their opportunities to be part of the media landscape in our city, our region and our country. Learn more

our mission

Our story

The AL DIA Education Foundation was established in 2010 by the staff of AL DIA News

We want to help colleges and universities attract, retain and further train new students from the Latino and under represented communities in our unique multimedia, multicultural, multilingual and overall entrepreneurial journalism practice.  Learn more